At Paradysity Real Estate, we develop and manage structurally sound housing projects to meet the needs, preferences, taste and appetite of prospective homeowners. We facilitate and provide access to cheap and affordable houses particularly to civil servants and other prospective homeowners who otherwise may have difficulty in becoming home owners by their individual efforts. We Facilitate access to cheap and low-interest bearing housing credit to prospective ‘Mortgagees’ as well as reducing the burden of loan repayment by advocating for longer spread of the loan repayment and softer terms and conditions in the loan repayment obligation.

Under our MORTGAGE ASSET DEVELOPMENT and MANAGEMENT SCHEME/PROGRAM, to generate, process, manage and disseminate important information and data to all parties to the transaction (Mortgagors & Mortgagees), before, during and after construction i.e upto the period a Mortgage is created whether for Institutions (Public or Private), Cooperative Unions/Associations as well as individuals, on a Weekly, Monthly, Bi-annual or Annual basis as the case may be.

Prospective homeowners who require some form of Mortgage loan facilitation/assistance can register under this scheme with us for a fee. In most cases, many may be eligible or qualify to have access to a mortgage housing finance even though they may not be aware of it or understand the criteria and processes for obtaining the housing facilities. That is where our MORTGAGE ASSET DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT SCHEME becomes most invaluable to those registered under the scheme.


A house is perhaps the most important and Valuable Asset in the WEALTH PROTFOLIO of most Nigerians, particularly the Nigerian Civil Servants. Many of them work and toil throughout their working life and retire without a roof over their heads. Usually, this pathetic situation leads to serious anxieties and depression after retirement which in turn may lead to medical complications and subsequently premature deaths.

Fortunately however, the Federal Government in recognition of this fact have supported the establishment of Housing Finance Intervention Funds and encouraged Private Institutions/Banks to sponsor SOCIAL LOANS for onward lending to the vulnerable working class Nigerians who may never have access to a house of their own throughout their lifetime.

Paradysity Nigeria Limited as a matter of deliberate Corporate Policy have made available its professional services to help those in dire need of housing and the comfort and assurances it provides during their lifetime.

The underlying narrative basically is that the Mortgage Investment must possess the ability to repay the Principal and Interest during the life of the Mortgage. In other words, the viability of each project must be confirmed before a Mortgage Loan Commitment can be made.   

At Paradysity Nigeria, we are prepared and willing to make their services available to the prospective Home Owners using the instrumentality of our proposed development, christened “Paradise City Estate”, located on a vast stretch of land, just beside the site of the Proposed FUTA Medical College, along Akure/Owo Expressway, in the Ilu Abo/Eleyowo axis of Akure. It is suitably located such that workers can easily commute to and from work, without the hassles of traffic jams associated with most city centres.

Visit us today at our office at Plot 4, Block 6 Atibiti Layout, Ijapo Extension[Soji Bello Area], Akure, Ondo State or Simply Call us on 07034643328/ 09018890480/ 08034996167